As youth sport participation is supported by a healthy family and coaching structure it offers an abundance of positive physical learning skills and life skills growth for individuals and teams.

When young athletes are out of synch with developmental readiness, physical skill readiness, environmental sport culture or competitive desires, red flags may surface.

These consultations help family members identify red flags that are interfering with healthy sport involvement. Some of the red flags that may indicate the need for a consultation are:

  • Child having difficulty sleeping leading up to competition.
  • High levels of pre-competition anxiety that affect normal eating and mood.
  • Child, parent and coaches are over focused on performance outcomes.
  • Child displays unusual levels of anger, frustration and self-defeating behaviors during athletic practices and performances.

Consultations with youth athletes and parents include:

  • Explore whether the current sport environment provides adequate support for the player.
  • Assist family members who are experiencing emotional behavior or relationship difficulties due to an over emphasis on sport.
  • Re-establish athletic goals and desires with athlete and family.
  • Develop steps to regain a balanced family sport experience.