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Let me start off by saying hello, My name is A. J. and because of you im here today. Ever since i was little i was bullied, after a while i started to self harm, and after that i threatened to kill myself, was taken out of school to be treated for my depression and self harm. I missed about half of my 7 grade school year. I was in and out the hospital, in and out of lies, in and out of depression. I was betrayed by a friend word got out i was in a "mental hospital" and things just got worse. I went to a out patient hospital basically like going to school except there's people there who understood me. I am now going back to my school, but what i didn't mention is your visit to my school a while back. You visited Central York Middle School, you gave me courage, you shined light in the darkness in my life, because of you im not only going after my dreams im sticking up for myself.Im not cutting as much, im not the old me. Im still dealing stuff but i can do it with a smile. You are amazing, because of you i now see that life is a beautiful thing i shouldn't waste it. My scars remind me of what ive done, but you remind me i have a future. So I guess my point im trying to prove is that i dont have to be perfect to live a happy life. If you haven't visited i wouldn't be here today, you opened my eyes and I thank you for that.

A. J.

Hi, My name is Raymond J., I go to Commack Middle School and I would just like to tell you that you changed my life with your speech today. I would first like to say that in this email, I am going to be very honest to you. Two weeks ago, I was a bully in a case that I didn't even realize that I was doing it. I posted an embarrassing video of kid who was my friend. He was extremely embarrassed and upset. I came to recognize that I do stuff like that all the time. I hurt people and don't even know it. Well after your speech today at my school, I found out what type of person I want to be. You said that no one can ever tell you can't do something and that anything is possible in this world. I don't want to be the bully anymore. I want people to like and respect me for the person I am. I want to be a person where people are proud to say, "I am friends with Ray J." So thank you Rohan so much. I think I can finally be happy for the first time in about a week. You put me on the right path. Every person that I have ever been mean or nasty to, I am going to apologize to them. I need a clean slate and you helped me get it. Thank you so much. I would also like to buy your t-shirt because I feel it would be the right way to represent the new person that I have become. So please email me back on how to buy one. Once again thank you for changing my life in the most positive way possible.

Ray J.

Thank you so much for coming and speaking to us tonight at BW(Baldwin Wallace College). I was so deeply inspired by your story. I throw for the track team here, but I am only 5'3 and 110 pounds. I am without a doubt the smallest thrower in our conference. I always let that sort of be an excuse for why I am not as competitive as everyone else. After your talk tonight, I have a brand new outlook on the hard work and dedication that it takes. I am going to make sure to not make excuses anymore and to always give an extra effort. This season was looking like it was going to be extremely frustrating for me, but now I know what I have to do to succeed. After tonight, my goal is to score points at our conference meet in at least two events. If I am able to achieve it, I want you to know that your speech tonight was the starting point of my journey to doing so.

No words can describe how thankful to have heard your story.

Alex S.

Hi Rohan, you spoke at my school Dallastown today. All I want too say is you are one amazing person and I now look up to you and will always think of you. I ended up damaging my back very severely last year in August in a preseason game for Freshman football. I found out that my spine hasn't formed correctly and its causing severe pain. I missed the whole season this year and I am now missing basketball. I've never really gotten hurt bad in sports I've always just ignore it. But I really screwed up now. And I hate it. It hurt so much being a manager and a water boy for my football team instead of being on the field and starting. I cry almost every day because sports are my life and I've dreamed of making it big someday. I felt like it would never happen. But today, you made me realize that I can succeed, and that I can go on and play those sports still. You encouraged me to start working out again, training, and eating healthy. Now next year when I'm playing on that field, ill be thinking of you Rohan. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. I loved your story. Good luck too you and again, thank you.

Thank you,
Zack B.

I already tweeted you and all, but ever since they showed your video, all day I just wanted to shake your hand and thank you for doing what you do. People like you amaze me. I always thought entertainers were amazing, but you have a gift. God is using you to inspire others, and He's doing a good job with it! I can honestly say you're my hero man. I shook your hand before you spoke, and I doubt you remember me, but when I did, I was glad that I got a chance to meet you. You see, I'm a dancer, I've been doing for 6 years now, and I always say how hard I work, but really I could do more. I have been blessed with the wonderful life I have, but just cuz I'm lucky, that doesn't mean I can take the easy way out for my goal, no I gotta take the stairs! I've always been looked up to in a small way at school, cuz people told me I could never be good at dancing cuz I'm white, and now everyone says good stuff about me. Sure recently I'm struggling with myself as a dancer and person, but you're message taught me if I keep working, it'll pay off. You're message impacted me so much that I teared up. I look at myself now that I have no excuses or room to talk. You did all of this without legs man. I don't what I would've done without my legs. I'm so glad you came, and I would appreciate a message back. I really just wanted to talk to you, but I understand you're busy. God bless you man. Have a goodnight and thank you.

Gavin M.

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Rohan Murphy was invited to speak as part of a workshop offered by Cornell University ILR, “Training Difficult Issues in Diversity.” I had the pleasure of listening to him and was mesmerized by his sincerity, motivation, and desire to achieve the goals he set out for himself despite being disabled.  Rohan has had to overcome numerous obstacles in order to achieve those goals but his perseverance has paid off through all his accomplishments. Rohan does not want anything handed to him, he wants to work hard and earn all his accolades.  Rohan is a great example of what a person with a disability can achieve if given the opportunity.  He is grateful to those that believed in the goals he set for himself and for the opportunity to demonstrate that despite his disability, he’s achieved those goals.  I believe he is a perfect example to all those that have reservations of giving people with disabilities an opportunity to succeed.

- Sandra I. Acevedo
Program Manager HCD
Cornell University ILR
New York, NY

I had the opportunity to hear Rohan Murphy address several Husker teams and was very impressed with his sincerity, passion, humor and candor. His story is one of perseverance, self-belief, sacrifice, work-ethic and determination. His real life story is a perspective changer as certainly we all face challenges, obstacles and adversity, most of which would pale in comparison to what Rohan has endured and overcome. Rohan has proven that ‘anything is possible’ and I believe his message made a memorable impact on our student-athletes that will motivate and inspire them to greater success.

- Tom Osborne
Athletic Director
University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Dear Rohan,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Rohan recently spoke at our quarterly meeting at Northwestern Mutual. His talk was both inspirational and captivating. He tells the real story of his struggles and accomplishments in life and how he had good and bad days and how he overcame it all; I believe we had a room of a little over 100, I also believe when his talk was done every one of us in the room felt we could do anything we wanted to as long as we put our minds to it. Funny thing is, that we have had plenty of speakers from all different walks of life and I have yet to hear so many questions during the Q & A session. Moved, touched, captivated inspired? Yeah we all were!
Thanks Rohan you’re the best!

- Glenn Llobell
Northwestern Mutual

Please accept this letter as my recommendation and endorsement for the incredible assembly you brought to my school this fall. Rohan Murphy was the most outstanding speaker I have ever had the privilege to hear in my over twenty seven year career as an educator. I have never seen a young man capture the hearts and minds of over two thousand people assembled in a gymnasium for almost an hour. It was an unbelievable experience!

You contacted me in July to let me know Rohan was coming to Nebraska. While I had not heard, about him you gave me just enough information to rouse my curiosity. I am a high school principal who is always looking for that next great opportunity for our staff and students. I was so excited when I began searching about Rohan Murphy and saw his Nike commercial, his appearance on 20/20, and the raving endorsements he had received from so many people who had heard him speak. I knew we had to bring him to our school.

Rohan Murphy is not a motivational speaker. He is a life changer! His perspective on life is so compelling and his message is so strong that it is hard to describe what he does to people. He does not believe he is special. He believes in the American Dream that hard work pays dividends. However, his courage, his enthusiasm, his humility, and his drive combine to move everyone who hears him. I knew he would make a positive difference to our staff and students. I did not realize he would be a life changer! My life is better for meeting and hearing Rohan speak!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring Rohan to our school. I hope others will give their community the same opportunity. I appreciate the difference this assembly made for us collectively. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do to help Rohan spread his message and his life-changing experience to others. I really appreciate your help and support.

- Rob Slauson, Principal
Lincoln Soutwest High School
Lincoln, Nebraska

I was fortunate to hear Rohan Murphy WOW over 500 high school students. He spoke at the Believe Symposium where the overall message was to help these students believe in themselves.

The response to his presentation was fantastic but we rarely get to see the subtle impact that a message might have on an individual. About three weeks later we were meeting in Starbucks when an attorney approached our table, reached out his hand to Rohan to thank him for the impact his presentation had on his daughter. Rohan is an inspiration sending a wonderful message to anyone who hears or meets him.

- Dan Schaefer PhD

I had the great pleasure of hearing Rohan Murphy speak in front of a large audience recently. From the moment he hit the stage he had the audience eating out of his hand and kept us captivated the whole time. He is personable, articulate, funny and most importantly, an inspiration to all. His message that "you can do anything" truly hit home coming from a young man lost both his legs at the age of four who went on to become an accomplished high school and college wrestler. As a professional speaker myself I can honestly say that you MUST hear Rohan's message. It will inspire you to realize that you, too, can do anything you set your mind to!

- Jeff "The SalesPro" Goldberg

As a teacher with 30 years of experience I have attended a lot of student assemblies that promised to be life-changing and inspiring. Rohan Murphy did just that when he came to my middle school this past Nov. To have 650 students listen so intently for over a hour, showed how engaging he was. With heart, humor, and humility he shared his story in a way that touched so many of my students. Many children often feel powerless, but Rohan made them all feel empowered that day. His ability to connect with the students and engage them showed a natural ability to teach. His presentation was the best we have ever had here. Students and staff alike said that they were moved in a way that they had not felt in a long time. The standing ovation of the entire student body and staff said it all!!

- Bernadette Kraljic

The time that our 8th grade students spent listening to Rohan Murphy describe his adversities in life was an invaluable experience. It is rare to see students all simultaneously engaged in anything, however every student was captivated by Rohan’s discussion of what it was like to grow up with a physical challenge and pursue dreams that seemed unattainable. One of the most important lessons our students learned from listening to Rohan was that just because a person faces a challenge it doesn’t mean that he or she is not capable of accomplishing amazing things and defying the odds. Furthermore, Rohan encouraged students to get involved in extracurricular activities and take control of life. The most rewarding part of the assembly for me, was watching students flood Rohan just to shake his hand and say thank you.

- Rayna Modugno